So that work preparation and sales speak the same language

manroland web produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Augsburg

Manroland spricht mit HSi in Fertigung und Vertrieb die gleiche SpracheProduction service provider manroland web production relies on software with a predefined, adaptable database for numerous production processes. This means that the contract manufacturer saves resources and calculates with exact figures.

Recuirements of manroland web produktionsgesellschaft mbH:

  • • unified database for work preparation and calculation
  • • increase the growth in contract manufacturing
  • • increase the traceability of the database
  • • integration into the existing SAP landscape
  • • low maintenance expenditure
  • • basic data basis for the calculation, in which the applied methods turning, milling, drilling, grinding and surface coating as well as cutting, welding and bending should already feature



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