SAP-integrated determination of target times

For transparent and accurate work planning in SAP


SAP-integrated determination of target times A special feature of the HSi solutions is the complete integration into the ERP system SAP, which has also been certified by SAP. HSplan/IS SAP extends the work planning component of SAP by the functionality of the planned and target time determination. The work planner remains in the SAP interface during the entire work planning process, including the plan time calculation. There is no need to switch to an external system. In the work steps, the calculated prime times, nonproductive times, setup times and generated texts are saved additionally to the SAP standard. This increases the transparency and the traceability for all users. Similarity planning increases the effectiveness of work plan creation and relieves the workload. By integrating the HSi solution into SAP, duplicate data storage is avoided and Excel calculations or secondary calculations are a thing of the past. At the same time, HSplan/IS SAP is fully compatible with the new generation of the SAP enterprise software S/4HANA.


Continuous working method

The work planner also describes his or her operation sequence in the SAP standard system. To calculate the time, the planner switches to the step editor. Below the selected operation, a planning level is opened at which the user is offered work center-related calculation processes. After selecting a calculation process and entering the parameters, the rule logic is processed on the HSi server. The calculated main, secondary and set-up times as well as the generated texts are saved in the work stages. When leaving the step editor, the user returns to the process level. The refa time structuring scheme is used to calculate piece times and setup times. The calculated planned times are automatically entered in the SAP time fields (setup time, machine time and labor time). The work planner remains in the familiar SAP interface during the entire work planning and time-determination process.

Flexible SAP integration according to Customer requirement

Our SAP-integrated plan time determination is integrated in the following SAP modules:

  • • Normal work plan (PP-NA)
  • • Production order (PP-FA)
  • • Standard work plan (PP-SA)
  • • Maintenance order (PM-IA)

In addition to the standard solution, we have already implemented several customised solutions. The functions for determining the standard time are simply integrated into the customer’s own transactions. This allows us to react flexibly to the respective requirements of our customers. If you are interested, just contact us!

Quick and Accurate Analogy Planning

In addition to the SAP-Standard, the calculations will be stored within the work plan. Accurate and rapid analogy planning is possible using the calculation recall function. All calculated times are documented and traceable at any time.

 HSplan/IS SAP - SAP-integrated plan and target time determination
HSplan/IS SAP - SAP-integrated plan and target time determination

BOM-based planned time determination in SAP

By using BOM information, planning times can be calculated semi-automatically and thereby schematic processes can be substantially reduced. The solution of BOM-based planned time determination can be used for processes such as cutting, blasting, steel construction fitters, washing, painting or assembly. For this purpose, the system determines, for example, the circumferences, weights and surfaces of each BOM item and automatically calculates the standard times for all processes. The user’s workload is reduced and the planning effort is is significantly reduced.

Automated calculation of planned time for cutting using information from the BOM
Automated calculation of planned time for cutting using information from the BOM


Your requirements:

  • • Planned time determination fully integrated in SAP
  • • Increasing the quality, transparency and traceability of your standard times
  • • Evaluation of large parts lists
  • • Frequent similarity planning
  • • Simple mass data changes
  • • Uniform technology basis for preliminary costing and work planning
  • • Mapping of all company processes
  • • Securing the company’s know-how
  • • Multilingualism


Your advantages and benefits:

    • • Continuous working method
    • • Reduction of the subjective factors
    • • Improvement of the quality of times
    • • Traceability of the calculation steps
    • • Simple care of the elements with the proven HSi-Standard system
    • • Fully compliant with S/4HANA


What our customers say:

Voith Group, Heidenheim

The Voith Group makes use of a time management system and costing solution with HSi GmbH modules which works across the whole plant. A central technology base which can be integrated directly into the existing IT infrastructure is supplemented with plant-specific parameters. This allows the technology company to make production decisions which conserve resources using high-quality planning results.more

Krones AG, Neutraubling

Logo_KronesIn search of a planning and costing software that fits seamlessly in the SAP-related infrastructure, Krones AG discovered HSplan from HSi. The company can now plan production using realistic times – and with minimum effort. more

HENSOLDT Sensors GmbH, Ulm

The production planners in the departments of Electronics and Integration at Airbus Defence and Space set the goal of determining exact target times for creating production plans on the basis of a standardised calculation. It was only logical for them to consult the in-house production planning team for the machining department. This is because the calculation and production planning system HSplan, with full integration in the SAP system, has been in use here since 2005, with satisfactory results.more

Windmöller & Hölscher, Lengerich

Since 1998, the machine manufacturer Windmöller & Hölscher has been using a software solution for calculation and production planning in mechanical production. Rule-based process modules help the manufacturer to achieve reliable target times for turning, milling, drilling and welding. The resulting planning reliability makes it possible to reduce processing times while boosting productivity and improving delivery reliability.more

KHS GmbH, Dortmund

KHS, a manufacturer of filling and packaging systems, is successively expanding its production planning with IT-based planning tools. The goal is to enable production planners to generate exact plans for mechanical production and assembly that provide traceable and reproducible results.more


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