BOM-based planned time determination for assembly processes

Effectively calculate the assembly of complete machines

Planzeitermittlung für MontageprozesseFor the parts lists of machine and plant manufacturers, it is necessary to determine the exact planned time for individual assembly operations. HSmont is a bill-of-material-based system for determining planned times for extensive assembly processes. Each parts list item is assigned an assembly effort automatically, rule-based or manually. This describes the activities for the installation of a part or assembly at the next higher structural level. The aim is to derive assembly times on the basis of bill of materials items.

Individually modifiable

HSmont uses various search and comparison algorithms and then assigns default times. The fields of the parts list, such as article number and name, are searched for specific terms and dimensions. The search terms are stored in tables and can be modified and supplemented by the user. Time modules and time values are assigned via a set of rules. Size- and weight-dependent time values can also be assigned. BOM items that have been valuated once are saved and receive the same time value if they occur again. Degrees of complexity and assembly locations are also taken into account. Parts lists can be transferred from upstream ERP, PDM or CAD systems.

Time-valuated assembly parts list
Time-valuated assembly parts list

Time evaluation in dialogue

Assemblies that contain non-valuated items are specially marked. The assembly time is assigned directly to the BOM item by entering the assembly time, selecting a time module, or performing an analysis. Additional effort, which only occurs in the concrete assembly, can be included in the BOM via so-called Z lines.

HSmont is your solution, if those are your requirements:

  • • High degree of automation in the planning time determination for assembly processes
  • • Simple mass data changes
  • • multilinguality
  • • Uniform calculation basis
  • • Illustration of all technological processes of steel construction, mechanical manufacturing and assembly


Your advantages:

  • • Effective and largely automated calculation of the assembly of complete machines
  • • Web- and rule-based as well as expandable with own search and comparison algorithms
  • • Ideal for variant manufacturers
  • • Uniform calculation basis
  • • Can be used immediately and modified for specific companies
  • • Reduction of the subjective factor
  • • Seamless integration into the existing IT environment and intuitive operability


That's what our customers say:

KHS GmbH, Dortmund

KHS, a manufacturer of filling and packaging systems, is successively expanding its production planning with IT-based planning tools. The goal is to enable production planners to generate exact plans for mechanical production and assembly that provide traceable and reproducible results.more


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