We make ourselves strong for your success!

Since our foundation in 1995, we have developed into an innovative and powerful software company. Companies of all sizes and from all industries use our programs to calculate planned times and optimize their production.

Through customer proximity and lasting business relationships, we know very well the requirements for an exact and fast determination of planned and target times. This know-how helps us to further expand and strengthen our market position in the field of planned time determination. It also forms the basis for the development of further adaptive software systems. The advantages of exact times and their use in all subsequent systems help us to further increase customer satisfaction.

Qualified employees with extensive experience in manufacturing technology ensure continuous further development of the software. A combination of experienced practitioners and young university graduates ensures innovative and practice-oriented solutions.

These developments are supported by close cooperation with universities, technical colleges and industry-related scientific and research institutions.

Our knowledge for better planning

The most important basis of a calculation or a work plan are precisely determined planned times. This is exactly what we take care of. The HSi technology base contains finished process modules that already contain cut and time values. In just a few days, we can fine-tune the technology base to your company.

If you would like to evaluate processes with a system of predetermined time, our analysis tool is at your disposal. The results of REFA time recordings can also be integrated into the technology base.

Whatever the basic data obtained, we offer the ideal user interface for calculation and planning. Both stand-alone and integrated in PPS/ERP systems.

All our solutions are characterised by:

  • Short implementation times
  • Simple handling
  • Advanced, web-based applications
  • Perfect integration into the existing IT environment
  • Modular program structure