Further qualification of target times with NC data in costing and work planning

The quality of the planned times in the planning process can be further increased after the NC programming has been completed.

In addition to the program runtime, other data such as

  • • Number of tools used
  • • Number of tool changes
  • • Number of measurements
  • • Number of voltages
  • • Clamping devices and
  • • Workpiece weight

are included in the piece and setup time calculation.

NC data from the CAM process is fed into the work plan via an interface, piece and set-up times are recalculated and the default times are automatically qualified.

  • 1. export NC data from CAM system
  • 2. import NC data into HSi system
  • 3. repeat calculation of the work plan
  • 4. automatic recalculation of times by HSi rules
Result of NC data import into SAP work step editor
Result of NC data import into SAP work step editor

The automatic data transfer and processing makes many manual steps in CAM programming and work preparation unnecessary and incorrect inputs are significantly reduced.

Your advantages and benefits:

  • • Automatic qualification of planned times
  • • Saves time and relieves the strain on employees
  • • Reduction of incorrect entries
  • • Increased transparency and traceability through storage of plan and NC times


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