User Reports Work Planning

Achieve precise planning times

NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH

The machine tool manufacturer Niles-Simmons has decided to used the adaptive software solutions HSplan and HSmont from HSi with pre-configured process modules for specific tasks. The programs enable the calculation of efficient target times for standard and special production processes.

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Guaranteed planning reliability

Kasto Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

KASTO decided to implement the software solution HSplan/IS-SAP from HSi GmbH with pre-configured process modules for fast and exact IT-based calculation of target times on the basis of standardised times. An essential requirement was the capabiltiy of integrating the planning software in the existing SAP systems.

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Chinese is no hindrance

Krones AG

Calculation – In search of a planning and costing software that fits seamlessly in the SAP-related infrastructure, Krones AG discovered HSplan from HSi. The company can now plan production using realistic times – and with minimum effort.

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Reliable target times for production planners


KHS, a manufacturer of filling and packaging systems, is successively expanding its production planning with IT-based planning tools. The goal is to enable production planners to generate exact plans for mechanical production and assembly that provide traceable and reproducible results.


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Calculated modification

Liebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GmbH

It is not always necessary to re-invent the wheel. That is why Liebherr-Aerospace in Lindenberg sought a solution to create greater efficiency and transparency concerning modifications of series components for aircraft landing gears. The supplier decided to supplement the ERP system with the planning tool HSplan from HSi. The tool plays a key role with respect to the change process for production planning, since it not only takes aspects of design feasibility and quality assurance into account, but also keeps track of the resulting costs.

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Target times available in real-time

Schlatter Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG, Münster

One-off and small series manufacturers constantly have to calculate a large number of different production parts on mechanical machine components. This production planning process can be optimised with the help of a planning system.

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Economical production in competence centres

Voith Group, Heidenheim

An important factor for economical production that can take place regardless of location is central costing and work planning based on a reliable time management system. For this, the Voith Group makes use of a time management system and costing solution with HSi GmbH modules which works across the whole plant.

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Planning reliability in work preparation

NILES-SIMMONS Industrieanlagen GmbH, Chemnitz

NILES-SIMMONS uses tailor-made software by HSi when it comes to planning assemblies. The web-based software with its modular structure can be adapted intuitively to suit business-specific requirements, supplies reliable planned times and reduces planning cost.

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So that work preparation and sales speak the same language

manroland web produktionsgesellschaft mbH, Augsburg

Production service provider manroland web production relies on software with a predefined, adaptable database for numerous production processes. This means that the contract manufacturer saves resources and calculates with exact figures.

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User Reports Order Management

More planning security in the machine centre

Miele & Cie. KG

At the machine centre of Miele & Cie. KG in Gütersloh, planning security with regard to deadlines, capacities and costs are a key factor for the work preparation in order to achieve a high efficiency in manufacturing technology. The department acts as an internal service provider on the basis of capacity- and process data. The calculation via two adaptive planning solutions led to a production increase of up to 15 percent and improved adherence to schedules significantly.

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Well-planned production

Mechanische Werkstatt Enke GmbH

An integrated IT solution creates the necessary transparency for a toll manufacturer with a broad order spectrum and a large machine park. The efficient preparation of quotation calculations and production plans, as well as an optimised order controlling process that includes scheduling that takes into account the available resources is achieved on the basis of a flexible IT platform. The result: lower costs, increased productivity and improved delivery reliability.

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Calculation of quotations for custom machine construction

Hötten Industrie & Services, Dorsten

To meet the increasing demands of production, one needs high precision, quality and cost optimisation. However, it is first necessary to become familiar with the process for executing such a task. This requires reliable figures, in order to make potential customers an attractive offer. For this reason, Hötten lndustrie & Services relies on an innovative quotation calculation method with reliable target times. With the adaptive calculation and planning tools from HSi the costing employees and production planners of the custom machine manufacturer and toll manufacturer can generate reliable quotations and exact production plans in a short time.

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More Security in Offer Calculation and Order Control

Clemens Lenfers GmbH & Co.KG

The use of continuous IT solutions is by no means reserved for larger manufacturing companies. Adaptive calculation and order control systems are also suitable for smaller contract and individual manufacturers who produce simple components and small systems with supposedly manageable lead times. Exact and comprehensible offer calculations and complete transparency in order control contribute significantly to flexibility in the workshop and offer planning reliability and competitiveness.

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Comprehensive order control in injection mould production

CODAN Medizinische Geräte GmbH & Co KG

A medical device manufacturer’s mould production was looking for a comprehensive IT solution to cover every-thing from calculation to production plans and order pro-cessing. HSi installed a solution that ensures high trans-parency in the production processes.

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User Reports Academic Cooperation

Fit for the industry

HTW Dresden

Germany is still experiencing a severe lack of specialists, especially engineers. Hence, future manufacture engineers are being prepared for an optimal start in their work life by study contents that focus on practice. Students of manufacturing technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Dresden learn how to determine exact planning times and how to select production alternatives with regard to materials, tools and machines. Therefore, IT-based calculation for single parts and assembly groups are of great importance concerning intended cost savings and an increase of productivity. As a planning- and calculation software tested in the practical field, HSplan is a useful instrument used at university.

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Estimate planning times realistically

Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau

Employees responsible for the preparation of work schedules and single part calculations or assembly groups rely on experienced values and estimations. However, modern, pre-configured and rule-based software systems enable them to calculate close to production – especially with regard to unique specimen. By including these innovative systems into university curricula - especially in the CAP-training for future engineers and industrial engineers - students are provided with a piece of “practical reality” on their way. They are explained the coherences between the design of a product, its various production parameters and the respective planning times.

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Costing versions give insight into production preparation

Technische Hochschule Wildau [FH] - TH Wildau

Many production companies view it as highly important that their career starters already have the requisite knowledge which was imparted to them by technical universities of applied sciences. TH Wildau uses HSi software solutions which enable the creation of work plans, preliminary costing and version evaluation in many ways.

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Transparency when creating work and assembly plans

Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz

Since summer semester 2019 the University of Applied Sciences Zittau/Görlitz provided their mechanical engineering students with a special planning module for assembly tasks by HSi. This module supplements the existing HSi software solutions for work planning and version evaluation of production orders which were successfully introduced in 2009.

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TU Bergakademie Freiberg integrates HSplan in its curriculum

TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Quick, cost-efficient and needs-based production is the core business of industrial manufacturing. In order to achieve effective results, the use of IT-based work planning is indispensable. Consquently, preparation of working plans plays a major role in engineering studies. In this way, students gain an insight into interdependencies and effects of adjusted parameters on the manufacturing process. They traceably understand the influence of tool machines, processing methods, tools and cutting values.

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