CAD-based target time determination

Importing and analysing CAD-data significantly increases the effectiveness of the time determination and allows to compute the production costs with a high degree of automation. In combination with the proven processing modules of the HSi-Technology Base target times are calculated automatically and precisely. In the HSi-CAD-solutions 3D-data are analysed, tools get assigned automatically and target times are computed with the HSi-Technology  Base. The bore- and thread-calculation operates via the processing of feature lists.

Automatic milling time calculation

The HSi system analyses the surface model and finished surfaces, and determines the rough-machining volume. A rule-based procedure makes it possible to determine the suitable tools for the machining based on criteria such as corner radius, accessibility and direction of machining, and calculates the target time using the cutting data stored in the HSi technology base. Feature lists are used for the bore and thread calculations. Graphic visualisation of the data allows display of the calculated items directly in the 3D model.

Link of 3D-model and calculated target time

Calculation of manufacturing costs

A calculation with the target times is generated based on the CAD analysis module and a rule-based procedure is again used to determine the clamping and set-up times. The calculation also provides the user with all other process modules of the HSi technology base. A calculation schema in the database enables transparent calculation of the manufacturing costs.


Calculation with CAD-based milling times

Calculation sheet

Your Advantages

  • Saves time in milling time calculation
  • Highly accurate and reliable calculations
  • Reduction of the subjective factor
  • Additional calculation processes for complete times
  • Can be used in engineering, production planning and purchasing


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