Cost Calculation and Work Planning

 We offer specialised modules for rapid cost calculation and transparent work planning. According to the objectives of our custumers we combine the modules to ensure a perfect integration in the existing IT environment. Using CAD-data allows for an even more effective functioning compared to the usual method. Importantly for the user, there is a clear and easily operated program interface. Meaningful calculation reports and offer letters at at the user's disposal.


CAD-based target time determination

Importing and analysing CAD-data significantly increases the effectiveness of the time determination and allows to compute the production costs with a high degree of automation. In combination with the proven processing modules of the HSi-Technology Base target times are calculated automatically and precisely. In the HSi-CAD-solutions 3D-data are analysed, tools get assigned automatically and target times are computed with the HSi-Technology  Base. The bore- and thread-calculation operates via the processing of feature lists.

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BOM-based assembly time calculation

The HSmont system developed by HSi is available for the assessment of complex and extensive assembly activities. The goal is to derive assembly times based on BOM items. This is achieved by means of various search and comparison algorithms, followed by allocation of the times. Once assessed, BOM items are saved and receive the same time value the next time they appear. The system also takes into account degrees of complexity and assembly stations.

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Offer Calculation

For an effective offer calculation of individual parts and assembly structures our HSkalk is employed. The user has the option to utilise a quick estimate based on experience or to calculate the technology and target times with HSi-processing modules. Variable surcharge rates  can be included in the price formation according to your wishes. Special direct costs like construction, equipment or transport are also taken into account. An address-management supports you with the direct sending of offers.

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Cost Calculation

To quickly calculate cost prices of individual parts and assemblies we recommend our HSkalk/TK. All cost components, like technological processes, material-, purchased parts- and special direct costs, can be calculated in one view. Scaled prices-, techonology- and location comparisons assist you with deciding for the optimal production and logistics. The foundation for a reliable calculation are target times calculated with the HSi-Technology Base, customised to your machine park.

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Work Planning

For a transparent and reproducible work planning we offer you the perfect system with HSplan. Adapted to the needs of work preparation you thoroughly increase the quality of target times, the process documentation and reduce the subjective factor. In this process, the simple handling is paramount to the user. For taking over operations with existing calculations a Copybox is available. To avoid duplicate data keeping connection to or integration in existing ERP-systems is possible.

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