Offer Calculation

For an effective offer calculation of individual parts and assembly structures our HSkalk is employed. The user has the option to utilise a quick estimate based on experience or to calculate the technology and target times with HSi-processing modules. Variable surcharge rates  can be included in the price formation according to your wishes. Special direct costs like construction, equipment or transport are also taken into account. An address-management supports you with the direct sending of offers.

Complete assemblies and products

A bill of materials-editor allows you to create or integrate multi-stage bills of materials. For each position you can choose whether to

  • estimate efforts and costs
  • use existing calculations or
  • calculate with HSi-processing modules

Offer calculation


Report offer letter


Your Advantages:

  • Fast calculations and precise results
  • Comprehensible and reusable calculations
  • Simple individual modification possibilities
  • Short adoption time owing to a high degree of prefabrication, fast ROI


User Reports

Constantly exact planning times
Tisora Sondermaschinen GmbH

In order to counteract dumping prices, Tisora GmbH focuses on exact quotation costing. In the future, HSplan shall be used to map the current manufacturing situation, leading to optimized quotations.

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Old-style calculation has served its time
Georg Maschinentechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Quick and exact calculation is becoming increasingly important – especially when it comes to new parts. Up to now, customers had to rely on empirical values derived from experience when preparing quotations for complex assembly groups. By using the rule-oriented HSi-Technologiebasis®, they now have the opportunity to calculate offers in a “production-related” manner.

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